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Airnat offers to clients high speed wireless internet access across North India. Basically Airnat is wireless internet service provider. Here by we just tell our clients how wireless makes their business life so easy to carry.

Wireless networking

transmits signals over invisible radio waves instead of wires. Wireless technologies are used for things as simple as making a phone calls. Through wireless Networking stay in touch with customers, suppliers and employees so convenient. Wireless Internet Connection lies in faster, more reliable methods of transferring data and, increased use of voice commands and audio improvements. Wireless Network is a network setup by using radio signal frequency to communicate among computers and network devices. That's why this network is getting Succeed now a day due to easy to setup feature and no cabling involve. We can connect computers anywhere in our home/ Corporate without the need for wires. Besides this it's an inexpensive and easy way to share an internet connection among several computers. This means we can only need one modem. The new machines are connected immediately. Wireless Network is always on. This mean we can connect to the internet whenever we without waiting for modem to dial in. Laptop can be carry from room to room, and they will always have access to the internet. Since wireless network operate without the need to login, we don't need to setup username or password. Wireless Network Connection eliminates the need for costing, revolting, and dangerous wires delay all over corporate.

Wireless Internet access is a convenient and beneficial tool for anyone needing to access the Internet on the move. This choice of network connection is growing in popularity with the increasing belief that represents a cheaper way of gaining Internet connection. This is because with a wireless Internet connection, you need only pay a service fee without having to incur the costs of a phone line or a cable connection as is the case with other forms of online connections.

Expertise in House Total IT Solutions

Since 2007, Airnat delivered Best internet services in Delhi/NCR. Customer is our first superiority so we always bother of their demand also. We are basically into Internet services. We offer effectual services for our cherished customers at sustainable prices. Our convincing services are Internet Lease Line, Internet services for Home and Corporate user, VOIP, Video conferencing, Web/ Domain Hosting, Security & Surveillances, Network Managed System, Web Development services and Software Development services.


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